Creates and previews projects in real time
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Cast Software Ltd.

Work with development projects by generating documents, programming interfaces or writing code in the editor with visualization and preview options based on the "what you see is what you get" principle. It is compatible with Vivien-Virtual Event Designer for further planning and designing.

wysiwyg is compatible with Vivien-Virtual Event Designer, CAST Software’s award-winning special events planning and design software tool. You can create your shows in wysiwyg and then open the files in Vivien to make use of its automated Wizards for adding event items, such as seating areas, tables, and chairs. You can use Vivien–Virtual Event Designer to increase your planning efficiency. Vivien is the sales, planning, design, and production tool designed for the meeting and special events industry. LDs can use it for creating quick concepts to demonstrate their ideas. As wysiwyg deals with the stage, Vivien deals with the venue.

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